The Divine Changemakers Series, created in 2012 by Selacia | Divine Changemakers | Selacia
I’m thrilled to be able to offer you this unique interactive series of experiential courses especially tailored to living now as a divine changemaker. In 2012 The Council of 12 guided me to create this series for people who want to go to a deeper level of spiritual transformation and receive a grounded spiritual approach to living fully in these unique moments. Our series involves groundbreaking and life changing work. I look forward to having you participate with us!


Did you know that you are encoded at a DNA level to be at the forefront of our planet’s changes – learning new approaches and remembering things you have forgotten? Have you thought of yourself as a divine changemaker?

What is a divine changemaker?

A divine changemaker is alive now to become a conscious creator and to bring the divine into all aspects of life. This is someone here to make the needed changes, to be at the forefront of change happening on the planet, and to be an example to others of how to be loving, conscious, and whole. As a divine changemaker, you are alive to create a more positive future for yourself and the planet. You are awakening to your divine nature and helping others to do the same by your presence in the world.

As a divine changemaker, you are mastering how to live in the present, to express power appropriately, and to become conscious of your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Each new skill you master becomes a seed that’s planted for others who will follow in your path.

Selacia’s Divine Changemaker Series gives you:

  • Experiential process to move more fully into your true power to create
  • Skills for stepping into the new vibration of love
  • A grounded spiritual approach for thriving and succeeding in these unique times
  • Confidence to live an authentic life and be all you can be
  • Practical tools for navigating change, advancing spiritually, and moving fully into your divine changemaker role
  • Mastery of principles Selacia introduces in her book “Your Guide to Earth’s Pivotal Years: A Direct Path to Enlightened Living”
  • A fun and light-filled way to transform your life, meet challenges, and connect with new people like you on the path of awakening
  • Skill in opening more tangibly to your intuitive abilities and other natural gifts
  • Groundbreaking tools that are life changing – providing you with the inspiration and skill needed to shift your life
  • A personalized hands-on course tailored to the needs of a select group of divine changemakers who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual transformation
  • Personal support from Selacia and her spiritual guides, The Council of 12 – including a personal weekly focus check-in
  • A weekly group call via bridge line phone call or skype – including sharings with other divine changemakers located all over the world, questions, and a potent guided process with The Council of 12
  • Mp3 audio recording of the weekly guided process to work with any time
  • Weekly instructional activity emails from Selacia – including timeless processes, insights, and information that you will find beneficial for a very long time to come.

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