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The Earth now sits at a precipice. You have a front-row seat. You sit where you do because of a long history of human evolution. Humanity is coming out of a very dark time. There is an awakening under way. People like you all across this planet are becoming aware of the state of dysfunction that exists in every aspect of life. An energetic call has sounded, reverberating within humanity’s collective psyche. Not everyone hears it yet, but you do. The sound invites you to awaken fully to your divine nature. It led you to this book.

As you answer the call and read what is written on these pages, you will discover a new source of inspiration and courage for taking the next steps. You will have a new respect for yourself, others, and the home that we call Earth. You will have a big-picture view of how we got here and where we are headed. You will have validations of many things that you have long suspected to be true.

This book explains the nonsense of these times. A brief history of prophecies is included so that you can find your own truth and move into the future in a more empowered way.

For society to move forward fearlessly, people need to understand how previous generations have perpetuated fear-based responses with nonsensical views like doomsday prophecies.

No one knows the future. It is not a rigid construct; the future is fluid and is being created right now, as you read these words. You create your future, and collectively you join with others to create the future of the world.

As you read this book, your inner wisdom will speak to you about what is real. The future will take on a new, more light-filled meaning. The past will be seen in a brand-new way, too. With past and future in a fresh context, your present can become lighter.

Allow this book to become a fruitful resource as you navigate the uncertain path ahead. Let the words within these pages open your heart and your mind to a more loving way to be. Discover a new, more heart-centered way to live your life. Find out how to move into your joy and purpose during humanity’s revolutionary paradigm shift.

Although any single chapter can be digested on its own, the chapters build upon each other for a larger message.

As you read, you will receive useful personal understandings, practical tools, and a more global way to look at the multitude of crises that appear in your backyard. What you receive will have a beneficial application for many decades to come.

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