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Earth's Pivotal Years is for you, and here's why:

We live in extraordinary times with much uncertainty, chaos, and fear-based messages.
Humanity is coming out of a very dark period. There is an awakening under way. You want a map to the changes, validations that our world is not ending, and tools for self-empowerment.

The Earth is at a precipice; there is a sense of urgency about the world and our place in it.
You are becoming aware of the state of dysfunction that exists in every aspect of life.

This book answers universal questions that are being asked about the future and our role.
You may have heard about 2012 prophecies and Earth changes; you may wonder what kind of future we can expect.

Nearly every day you learn about a crisis somewhere in the world. It’s common to hear about DNA changes, radical shifts in thinking, and an increased interest in spirit. Enlightenment and inner peace are now popular topics in many everyday conversations.

Examples of what you will receive:

  • Know what the paradigm shift really means for you and everyone on Earth.
  • Understand why this is the most important time that you could be alive.
  • Have a new appreciation of Earth’s pivotal years, with your own take-action guide.
  • Know beyond a doubt that a new, more heart-centered world is in the making.
  • Learn what it is to be a divine changemaker and how you can make a difference in the world now.

If you don’t yet see yourself as one of the divine changemakers, you will by the end of this book! You also will be certain that you have an integral role to play-and that this role begins right now. You will realize that you are not too young or too old to embrace and fully live your life mission. Regardless of your age or other worldly status, you will find a new confidence for moving forward.

You may be new to the path of awakening, or you may simply want to expand your awareness to progress spiritually. Either way, this book will give you the understanding needed to change your life during Earth’s pivotal years.

The specific transformational tools given in this book will help you to catalyze personal changes that you have long yearned to make. As you put in motion beneficial changes, you will advance spiritually.

The words on these pages will help you to awaken more fully to your light within. You will discover how to powerfully create the more light-filled world that you seek to inhabit.

You are invited to reflect on what you read here. Take the ideas into your dream state and into your meditations. Allow the concepts to speak to your heart. This will give you validations about who you really are and about your long journey to arrive at this pivotal juncture. You will know deep within your bones that you will succeed!

Feelings of joy and gratitude will come from realizing that you have a direct path for enlightened living. As you walk that path, you can find peace. As you discover peace, you become a potent peacemaker in the world. In that role, you are the change that you want to see everywhere you go.

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