Crystal Quartz Singing/Healing Bowls | Global Meditations | Selacia

Made of 100% pure quartz crystal, the crystal singing bowls are a wonderful way to balance chakras, to clear the energy in a room, enhance your meditation experiences, expand your consciousness, open more to spirit, receive healing and to cleanse your crystals.

The field of vibrational healing, utilizing tools such as quartz crystal singing bowls, focuses on the effects of sound and tone on the human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Instructions for use

The bowls are played using a rubber-tipped wood dowel (included with the bowl). Place the bowl on a flat surface, putting it on top of the piece of rubber (included with the bowl). Tap the outside top of the bowl and move the dowel continuously around the bowl, just below the outside rim. The vibratory rate will continue to build as you play, and will vibrate even after you stop. Care of your bowl is simple. Treat it like fragile glass, washing it clean with soapy water if necessary.

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