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As part of global meditations, working with crystals such as those mentioned here can help you to amplify the beneficial energies and to connect more tangibly with spirit. Below is a sampling of crystals offered by Selacia, each of them individually energized by The Council of 12. If you have one of these, it is recommended that you have it with you for the global meditation experience. If you are interested in a Council of 12-energized crystal, connect with Selacia in advance of global meditations with your specific request or ask for one recommended for you by The Council of 12.

Crystals Energized by The Council of 12 including:

  • African Quartz (Rare Quartz for Grid Work – Oldest Quartz Found on Earth)
  • Apophlite Sparkle Points (Lift the Veil - Connect with Higher Realm Energies & Guides)
  • Avatar (Light Bridges)
  • Blue Calcite (Spiritual Light Cocoons)
  • Blue Kyanite (Energy Bridge to Your Guides, Grounding)
  • Carnelian (Power Tools for Moving Past Obstacles to Success)
  • DNA Rose Quartz (Accelerate Your DNA Healing & Open to Unconditional Love)
  • Fluorite Prosperity Obelisks
  • Green Amazonite (Heart Healers)
  • Green Calcite (Purification Tool & Emotional Balancer)
  • Green Kyanite (Heart-Higher Mind Links)
  • Labradorite (Interdimensional Bridge & Inner Vision Activator)
  • Lemurian Seed Generator Crystals (Encoded with Ancient Lemurian Wisdom)
  • Lilac Lepidolite (Violet Flame Activators)
  • Nuummite from Greenland (New Paradigm Accelerators)
  • Oceanic Quartz (Earth & Personal Healing Tools)
  • Phantom Double-Terminated Ascension Quartz Healing Tool
  • Purple Angelite (Spirit Transmission Tools)
  • Quartz Singing Crystal Bowls (Ascension, Heart-Activation, Spirit Connection, Space Clearing)
  • Quartz Light Generators (Frequency Generators)
  • Royal Purple Stichite (Dream Recall Tools)
  • Ruby Zoistite (Passion Enhancing Tools)
  • Septarian Nodule (Creativity Enhancers)
  • Spheres (Amplify Meditations, Bridge Dimensions, Connect to Spirit)

Tibetan Wesak Quartz Crystals

Each Energized with this year's Wesak Blessings & Healing Energies of The Council of 12

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Crystal Grid Healing for the Earth

During our global meditations, we do a crystal grid healing for the Earth. This will include planetary healing to address disasters and instabilities. The photo below is from NASA, showing a visual of how the Earth grids of energy look. 

36.png (250 × 230)

If you have one of the Council of 12-energized crystals (or one of your own), you are invited to have it with you for our crystal grid healing process. It’s not required, of course, that you have a crystal.  We have numerous crystals in place, not only on site but in the homes of global participants. For your convenience, here’s a partial list of suggested crystals. Use your intuition to determine whether you will work with a crystal that day, and if so, which one(s).

  • Avatar (smoky quartz to connect with feelings of oneness & shapeshift into a more light-filled reality; connect with lightness of being found on “Pandora”)
  • Black tourmaline (providing protection, purification and grounded in the sacred Earth energies)
  • Elestial quartz (connect with divine love and potent self-transformation)
  • Lemurian quartz (connect to the divine feminine & wisdom of ancient Lemuria)
  • Nuummite (the “new paradigm accelerator” from Greenland; powerful tool for light workers and healers everywhere * connect with spirit, get grounded, manifest your spiritual purpose)
  • Rose quartz (connecting to the love vibration and healing the heart; amplifies DNA healing you have under way with Selacia & The Council of 12)
  • Quartz singing crystal bowl (played on-site and for those of you who have one of the Council of 12-energized bowls, play it in advance and after our event)
  • Quartz (clear—including pyramid shape and point shape)
  • Smoky quartz (besides the Avatar type; dissolves negative energies & emotional blockages; helps to dispel worry and “over-thinking”; grounding; protection)
  • Spheres in various stones (energized to help connect in community, drawing to you helpful like-minded people; amplifies energy and the benefits of activations and meditations)
  • Hearts in various stones (connect with your heart, unconditional love, peacefulness, and spirit)

Below are selected examples of NUUMMITE crystals – "new paradigm accelerator" stone:

Nummite crystals Nummite crystals Nummite crystals Nummite crystals Nummite crystals

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