Global Meditations with Selacia & The Council of 12 | Global Meditations | Selacia

At these global meditations you will receive potent spiritual fuel for moving ahead in your life, insights about your purpose and future potentials, connection with one of your spiritual guides, and healing of key present concerns. Also included is a world peace process, during which you participate with others across the world in healing for the Earth.

Each event is both a personal healing and a planetary healing. As you participate, therefore, you receive beneficial energies and spiritual openings helping you on a personal level – while also assisting in a powerful planetary healing. The purpose is to accelerate both your own ascension and the ascension of humanity.

The Council of 12 works with you during these events to help you clear away old energies to progress on your spiritual path. You can then more easily connect with beneficial opportunities in your life and clarity about your next steps.

As a reminder, The Council of 12 begins working with you from the moment you register to be with us for one of these events. This energetic support continues during our event and for a number of days beyond. They Council of 12 helps you with fresh insights, new creative approaches, relationship remedies, and increased abundance. Their assistance comes to you whether or not you attend "live".

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