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Divine Changemakers - Your Cosmic Self & You

Your Cosmic Self & You

This virtual course will help you understand your place the world and the cosmos. In particular during 2020, this course can be your lifeline to finding meaning, stability, and a deeper connection to spirit. 

It will be your catalyst to take the leap into living as a cosmic being here on Earth! 

In this course you will find practical application that helps you have inner peace and thrive - now during the 2020 upheaval - and beyond.  

First offered live in 2019, this course is now virtual and can be taken from any location around the world. This unique course can be a key tool for your personal and spiritual growth in 2020 - helping you to develop mastery of living in quantum vs linear.  

During 4-weeks of material and guided process -  worked with at your own pace:

The Council of 12 and I will guide you, helping you grasp:  your larger self that is eternal and cosmic, your purpose here now, how to navigate your relationships, and how to be a pivotal leader in our world's massive shift to love. 

With this energetic support and priceless practical tools for self-evolution, you will begin to see yourself as the divine being you truly are - AND to step into a way of being reflecting of this larger self.

Register now to begin working with the practical life-changing tools in this course - at the same time having the prerequisite for course Practicums offered in 2020 - when you can participate with others across the world taking the Practicums at the same time as you. 

Your Cosmic Self course - 2020 Practicums:


July 12-18, 2020

Divine Changemakers: Your Cosmic Self & You - Full Payment - Join Any Time

A 4 week virtual course - you work with the material at your own pace and on your own schedule.