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Divine Changemakers: Inner Peace

Divine Changemaker Phase 7

Inner Peace was first offered in September-October 2017. Timed during the tumultuous and uncertain times of 2017 – with essential tools and energetic support needed to thrive and find inner peace. This 7th course in the series provides a solid foundation for moving through turmoil in the highest way. Various types of process - including use of sacred ceremony and healing tools like crystals – will be incorporated into the course. Themes addressed include: personal-spiritual, abundance-money & situations, life purpose-work, relationships-love. Emails and group calls are supplemented by weekly 1-on-1 interaction-support from Selacia.

Each year since 2012 when Selacia created the Divine Changemakers Series, there is a brand-new course tailored especially to the energies of that year and the specific spiritually-grounded tools needed then. The 2017 Phase 7 course will be targeted to meet the unique needs of divine changemakers alive now, providing essential tools and energetic support for the next phase of growth and big leaps forward.

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Divine Changemakers: Inner Peace - Full Payment - Join Any Time

CONDENSED FORMAT PHASE 7 participants will receive all of the materials, one-on-one support, mp3 downloads of 4 group calls with guided process.