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Divine Changemakers - Resilience & Self-Awareness in Crisis

This is the next new annual 4-week live Divine Changemakers Course offered by Selacia – designed to be timely and relevant to these unprecedented moments. More info & registration here.

Selacia's NEW Divine Changemakers Course

Note: the course is open to all, no prerequisites needed. The course will be offered only once in live format, later on made available in evergreen format.


  • Adapting to New Norms
  • Embodying Your Divine Self
  • Managing Emotional Distress
  • Manifesting Your Higher Purpose
  • Interpreting Symbols & The Esoteric

The year 2020 is a crisis point for humanity – catalyzed by a combination of the pandemic, broken societal institutions, and rare planetary alignments not experienced for hundreds of years. Our crisis is not about one year or one issue. How things look and feel will shift during the decade as we and humanity evolve. Therefore, specific spiritually-grounded tools and perspectives are needed to navigate these times.

Here’s what Selacia wrote about 2020 on Facebook in August:

“In 2020 humanity is experiencing an unprecedented spiritual initiation. Our norms have been upended, our daily life disrupted, and our views about countless things turned upside down. It’s like the ground we stood on has disappeared. We are being prepared, in fact, for more of this during the 2020s. What we learn about ourselves and how we respond to this year’s initiation sets the stage for what unfolds next. When you feel overwhelmed or disheartened, keep this big picture in mind.”

Weekly emails and group calls are supplemented by weekly 1-on-1 interaction-support from Selacia and The Council of 12.

  • Emails go out September 20, 27 and October 11, 18
  • Group calls at 1pm on September 26 and October 3, 17, 24

No Prerequisites.

The new experiential and transformative live course will be supplemented by 2 Practicums in 2021. These give you hands-on experiential work with processes and tools from the 4-week course. There is a recording of the live group call, too, so you can work with the process throughout 2021 for additional support. The other bonus of Practicums is the group connection with other participants on the live group calls. These Practicums, available only to those who take this course, will help you cope with whatever arises – assisting you in deepening your bond with spirit and connecting with the courage to prevail and thrive.

Each year since 2012, Selacia has offered a brand-new 4-week course for global participation. Attendees have been from all continents, representing all walks of life. The idea for these courses came to Selacia me after she did a presentation at the UN focused on the difference between ego power and divine power.

The theme and content is different year-to-year. Within that context, each 4-week course has 4 sections that relate to 4 key aspects of life/spiritual growth:

  1. Personal and spiritual
  2. Abundance - money and situations
  3. Life purpose and work
  4. Relationships and love.

There is a live and recorded group call for each of the 4 weeks.

Here's a comment from a longtime participant in the Divine Changemakers Series:

"These are challenging times. The Divine Changemakers courses give me tools to deal with the tremendous changes and give me more clarity about my life purpose. There is a steady stream of positivity in my life due to my participation in your courses and meditations. I am eternally grateful for the inner strength both the Divine Changemakers courses and meditations have given me."

- Rosalie B. Kahn, Author of My Healing Heart

Divine Changemakers - Resilience & Self-Awareness in Crisis - Full Payment - Sept 20-Oct 24, 2020

Each week you work with the material at your own pace and on your own schedule. Included in the course is a weekly 1-on-1 personal check-in with Selacia.