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About the Wesak

Wesak is a sacred festival that takes place annually on the "inner planes". For centuries, it has been a time when Ascended Masters including the Buddha and the Christ bestowed transformational spiritual energies upon the Earth. Great expansions of consciousness are possible because of the blessings of the Wesak! The etheric celebrations are headquartered in the sacred Wesak Valley in the Himalayas of Tibet. The Wesak is also celebrated worldwide.

Highlights of the Wesak season

  1. Each person attending the Wesak will experience a sacred guided meditative journey to experience the Ascended Masters in Tibet’s etheric Wesak Valley, and
  2. All attending the Post Wesak will have additional experiences with the Masters, to include an integration of the season’s Wesak blessings and a preview of what’s coming next on his or her spiritual journey. Both will be recorded on mp3 in case you cannot attend live. To amplify your experiences and spiritual openings, consider working with healing tools outlined in your registration packet: a Wesak Tibetan quartz crystal energized by The Council of 12 with this season’s Wesak blessings, a quartz crystal singing bowl, and specifically-selected essential oils.

By participating in a Wesak celebration, you have an opportunity to connect with high-vibrational spiritual energies which are not otherwise easily available. You may want to add to your experience by working with one of the Wesak Tibetan quartz crystals The Council of 12 has activated with the Wesak energies. You can use this crystal in your meditations and inner reflections during Wesak, and in the months that follow, to connect with the blessings of this year's Wesak. The Council of 12, operating from a reference point of timelessness, has already energized a select number of these crystals with the Wesak blessings. To order yours, go to Tibetan quartz crystals

Pictured below are images from a recent Wesak with The Council of 12 in Santa Monica. The first photo shows a visual of a selection of Council of 12-energized Wesak Tibetan quartz point crystals.

In the second photo, you have a visual of the Wesak Valley of Tibet. In the foreground are a number of Council of 12-energized double-terminated Tibetan Wesak quartz crystals.

In the third photo, you have the Buddha Tapihritsa, the Wesak Valley, and a crystal tuner. These tuning forks, when gently tapped against one of the more stable crystals, amplifies the energy of the stone, and as you move the fork through the air after tapping, it can spread that wonderful healing energy around the body, around your home, or around your work space.

For a larger image of any of these Wesak photos, simply click on the photo.


Wesak and Post Wesak Global Meditations

Selacia Presents Council of 12 Wesak & Post Wesak Global Meditations
in Virtual Classroom Worldwide & On Site in Santa Monica, CA, USA

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Both Wesak celebrations are available as worldwide group events.

Wesak is an annual celebration with Selacia and The Council of 12. In recent years, the physical location of the celebration has been the Los Angeles area.

Attend either in person (limited seating) or off site long distance (via teleclass live call-in and audio recordings).

Experience The Council of 12's wisdom and healing energies as they lead you in a series of heart-opening energetic processes and healing.

During this special evening, we will connect with the Masters who have achieved enlightenment. The Wesak is a time when we celebrate the natural Buddha nature of humanity, and receive Wesak blessings for our own enlightenment.

Space is limited for both on site and live call-in participation, so please register early. You and your friends can participate with us from anywhere in the world! Pre-registration and advance payment is required. You are confirmed once we have this, with signups taken on a first-come first-serve basis. Once we are full, we will have a waiting list.

As part of our global meditation evenings (including Wesak), The Council of 12 facilitates deeper connections with spirit and our spirit guides. They also assist people, on an individual and collective level, in responding with clarity and balance, as we face some of the most challenging times seen on our planet.

When we gather for a Wesak or other global meditations, we have an abundance of assistance from the benevolent nonphysical Masters participating. If you have a particularly troublesome concern in your life, you can intend that this issue be worked on during the evening. You can set your intention that you receive a healing and more clarity about this issue or other questions.

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