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Right now is a time of preparation. You sit in one of those natural cycles - a new season about to begin and the planet Mercury having gone retrograde today for three weeks. Each time these things occur together, you have an opportunity to regroup within yourself and take stock of where you are.

A retrograde, indeed, is nature's way of reminding you to update your view of things. It's the perfect time to do some inner reflection, inviting your Higher Self's wisdom about needed changes. You are always in the midst of change, of course, but the important thing is to be conscious about what you are creating, conscious about making changes that can have long-lasting effects.

Tips for Divine Changemakers

Whether you recognize it or not, you are alive now to be a divine changemaker. This means that you have no ordinary life and it changes how you respond to changes happening all around you. Your role involves being awake and conscious as you move through life's ups-and-downs. You are learning to be more empowered and more present. To be in your power requires that you make optimal use of the present moment. To do this, you need to learn to work with cycles like the current one. The following are a few tips for navigating the next three weeks of Mercury retrograde and the change in seasons.

1) Consider projects you have on the back burner - things dear to your heart - and give them some energy.

2) Look deeply within and inquire about your key relationships. What needs updating? What do you need to communicate?

3) Think about your right livelihood - are our expressing your soul's purpose in the world? If not, what adjustments can be made?

4) What have you been telling yourself you need to change - and you haven't yet taken the steps needed to create the change?

5) With important decisions, considering gathering more information during this cycle, so you can make the best optimal choices.

Enjoy this time. Make it one you can look back on with satisfaction, knowing you focused your energies and time in positive, productive ways.

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