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SelaciaSeptember Energy Tips: Beginnings and Endings

Major change across the planet continues to accelerate this next month, catalyzing new levels of spiritual awakening and a greater transparency of previously hidden information. The New Moon Solar Eclipse of September 1 sets the stage for some significant cycles of beginnings and endings. These will be felt on both personal and planetary levels, people across the world receiving nature’s nudge to re-evaluate life happenstance.

New Starts and Completions

Solar eclipses characteristically catalyze new starts and completions. This is a natural cycle that impacts everyone. You don’t need to understand the planets or astrology to be affected. The energy nudge just is, whether you are aware or unconscious of it.

Since foresight is helpful on our path of spiritual awakening, allowing us to know in advance what energy we will work with, I mention planetary events like eclipses. We have two in September: Solar Eclipse September 1 and Lunar Eclipse September 16 at the Full Moon. Such days tend to be high energy – illuminating what we couldn’t see before and often indicating new pathways forward.

Being present and aware of such potentials can help you tap into helpful intuitive insights about your life and what you can do to move forward. Because of these energy potentials, the month of September is an excellent time for inner work, meditation, and healing of entrenched issues. It could feel like it’s easier to get to the root of things, finally laying a longstanding problem to rest.

Help from Mercury Retrograde

One factor helping you with life review is the Mercury Retrograde starting August 30 for three weeks. How can it help? Such cycles are a perfect time to revisit unfinished business, heal a key issue in your DNA, rewrite a business plan, consider upgrade options for your cell phone, review your future goals, and update approaches to being in the world. Example: you have long said that you want to invest in a new technology or update your physical appearance. September is a natural time to research your options.

Equinox Energy Gateway

A second helpful factor is the Equinox on September 22 when the Sun enters Libra – a powerful energy gateway that extends through that weekend. If you haven’t had the life breakthrough you seek before Equinox, that cosmic event could be just the catalyst you need. In fact, ripples of transformation energy are likely to be felt a number of days afterwards.

Tips for Success

Here are three tips for success this month. When you aren’t certain what to do on a given day, come back to these suggestions.

FIRST, regularly set your intentions for positive life changes you would like to create and ways of being you want to house. Remember that you as a divine changemaker are at the helm of your own life. Being conscious about what you want to create, and using your imagination to help create it, connects you with an unlimited storehouse of quantum potentials. Acting on what you have visualized becomes your own lightning bolt for manifestation!

SECOND, when you sense your energy has gotten stale – like from sitting too long or being isolated – get up and out of where you are. Take a walk or do something else for a bit. Get into nature or look out the window. These simple things can change your energy – like the refresh key on your computer.

THIRD, inquire within regularly to know what is shifting or needs to shift in your life. Ask for a dream or journal about this topic. Invite your higher self to reveal your highest priorities for change – things that need ending and things that need to start. Ask in a neutral way, letting spirit surprise you.

Trust that there is a higher purpose to your existence. Know that being alive now is a gift. Accept that the universe orchestrated your birth, birthplace, and birth time so that you could be an active participant in the birthing of a brand new type of world. That’s why you are here. Celebrate that.

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