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SelaciaBreak Free at Full Moon - Steps to More Empowerment

If you have been feeling like you want to break free of the status quo, this could be your week to act on those feelings. With Thursday’s Aquarius Full Moon and some other helpful energy in the air, it could be easier to take some new and bolder steps. In this article I provide suggested actions that could shift you out of neutral and into forward.

For most people, this has not been an easy or simple year. It’s been common to have unexpected delays and confusing moments. So much is going on and many more in-the-background factors influenced progress.

Dream Time Processing

During your dream time and inner work process, you have been processing a vast canvas of energy. Most likely, you are aware of some themes as they reflect issues that have come up for resolution. You have become conscious of those.

Know, however, that one reason you could sometimes feel heavy is that you are also processing interconnected issues – so far outside your awareness that they are not apparent. Some of these relate to past lives, others relate to discordant planetary energies you incarnated to help heal. This additional level is being mentioned here so that you have perspective about why you sometimes feel things so deeply.

Remember: you are a quantum multidimensional being with many lifetimes before this one and a soul destiny involving Earth’s ascension.

Divine Changemaker Role

No one day will be all good or all bad. That’s linear thinking. Energy can shift like a lightning bolt, at any moment, for it is always in motion. Your role as a divine changemaker is to learn how to ride the energy waves, utilizing both positive cycles and challenging cycles for your spiritual growth. Whatever the energy is, your response to it becomes your path.

For this week through the weekend, some nice surprises could be unfolding. Examples: creative juices could be amplified, making connection with others could be easier, and risk taking could be less scary.

Steps to More Empowerment

Benefit from this week’s energy with these simple actions.

FIRST, stay grounded and invite inner wisdom about how to break free of your status quo. Be open to the larger view spirit has. This means being willing to see beyond what you already know about yourself. Spirit may show you suggested changes in areas you don’t suspect.

SECOND, give yourself more personal quiet time than you typically experience. Ideally this is a combination of solo self-reflection and some group meditative experience that can be very powerful during this Aquarius Full Moon cycle.

THIRD, inquire within and ask: “What is the one thing that as I take action to address it now, can be the key catalyst I’ve needed for a more fulfilling life?”

Your biggest breakthroughs can come when you feel the most challenged, yet you apply unwavering dedication and perseverance. The key is being willing to take each step as it is presented, letting go of having to know what the next step will be. With each step know that spirit is always with you.

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