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SelaciaDivine Changemakers – Making a Difference in 2017

The year 2017 is likely to go down in the history books as a rare time. Developments unfolding are global, impacting all of humanity and the Earth. There are no guarantees of how things will play out. That is making lots of people nervous.

 We as humans are conditioned to want to know the future. We want to know that things will get better, and to have assurances that at the very least, things won’t get worse. The energies leading up to 2017 are long in the making. Many things occurring seem sudden, but in fact, there was a long built-up to them.

Our society is now more polarized and divided than ever. The unknowns now are greater than most of us have experienced in this lifetime. Distrust on a massive scale is destabilizing everyday life.

Have you wondered how you fit into the picture and what you can do to be part of the healing solution? You indeed have an important role to play. In this article I give you a map to follow, with seven keys for success in 2017.

Here are suggestions for making a difference in 2017 and beyond. As a divine changemaker, you are alive now to make changes for a more loving world. You stand at the forefront of the massive shift happening now. This role is actually encoded within your very DNA.

Having this role means that you are on the leading edge of change, experiencing many things before others do, and helping to lead the way forward. Indeed, you are at your best when you are actively engaged in your divine changemaker role.

7 Keys for Success in 2017

  • Stay conscious and aware of yourself - including your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Extend that conscious awareness outside of you, to other people and world events. Remind yourself daily that your energy matters, and use that energy for good.
  • No matter how crazy things seem, remember daily that you are not a victim. You are a conscious being at cause in life, co-creating your own reality and your world. Use your thoughts and actions constructively to make a difference in big and small things. Be the one in your circles who smiles, finds humor in the bizarre, and applies kindness.
  • Do not give up on yourself or on humanity as a whole. Strive to see the good in yourself and others. Do this even when focusing on someone you dislike. Do this for yourself after you have had a bad day and feel discouraged. Remembering the basic goodness in all people helps you to go on during difficult times.
  • Cope better with unknowns and fears about the future by coming back to yourself in the present. No one knows for sure exactly what will happen next, on a personal level or in the outer world. On a quantum level, there are endless possibilities for what tomorrow might look like. Rest your overthinking mind, then, and put your focus on the present moment. Treat it as the precious time that it truly is.
  • Upset about what you see in the outer world? Get in touch with your feelings and why you have them. Once you are conscious to your feelings, turn your criticism into benevolent action. Rather than simply complain to others, find your positive voice of change and act on it as a citizen of the world. Voice your thoughts within your community, on a grassroots level in your country, and to the political leaders who represent you at all levels of government. As you voice your opinions, visualize your words being received and acted upon.
  • Become one who helps repair division through consciousness and peaceful actions. Invite a knowing of the causes and places that most need you in this role. Add power to your role with daily visualizing and intentions – seeing yourself as a bridge builder and peacemaker.
  • Become vigilant about your intake of information and apply a healthy skepticism. Avoid becoming duped by fake news and political propaganda by becoming astute in digesting news. Slow down, be present, and question what you hear. Avoid getting your news by scanning headlines. Get your news from multiple sources. Insist that it be reliable, with several credible named sources that you can validate. If something seems too outlandish to be true, that should be a big red flag to check out the information. Fair news won’t report only one side. A fair story will be current – watch for stories that recycle information or photos to create bias.

For more background on what to expect in 2017 and how we arrived where we are now, read my 2017 Predictions. In it, I describe what’s needed next to begin healing the division and dysfunction within our global society. In the article, too, I describe the seeds of hope being planted in 2017 and what they mean for you.

For additional information on themes of these unique times, read my book Earth’s Pivotal Years, your personal take-action guide for powerfully creating a more light-filled world.

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