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5 Tips to Find Your Calm

by Selacia

Find your natural inner sense of calm over the coming days with these reminders and specific tips. As you find your own calm zone, you will be able to tap a heightened experience of joy and productiveness. These last days of 2014 can then be fully utilized as a treasure chest of opportunity – letting go of the old and preparing to shine your light even more brightly in 2015.

It is natural to feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride this holiday season. Why? The pace of life picks up this time of year, so time distortions are amplified. There are fun things to do, people you want to see, and perhaps obligations causing you stress. Some things simply must get finished before year-end, and you can stress over them, even if they aren’t really hard to accomplish.

Next year, as I wrote about in my 2015 Predictions, comes with some new energies and windows of opportunity that can shift your life experience in more positive directions. Knowing that 2015 is just around the corner, you naturally want to be prepared by doing your end-year clearing and intention setting now.

The best emotional state for your end-year preparations is one of calm. This is the calm zone within that you naturally can access with mindfulness, a persistent attention to your emotional state, and making wise choices of how to use your energy. A few tips of how to achieve this are below.

5 Tips to Find Your Calm

First, be as present as you can. This keeps you from getting ahead of yourself, obsessing about past holiday experiences, and needlessly worrying about future outcomes. Only by being present, grounded, and in your heart can you connect with your divine power to create. Calm comes from being in tune and in time with your own natural rhythms and what’s truly important in the moment. Let the rest go.

Second, check in with yourself frequently throughout the day to gauge what you are feeling. Discover that you are angry or disappointed? Look at those feelings directly in a neutral way. Everyone gets angry sometimes; don’t make it worse by becoming angry at yourself for feeling the emotion. Do switch the channel from anger, though, before you take your next actions. Invite spirit to connect you with a happier state and intend to notice things you do enjoy about your life. Simply doing that will calm you and raise your frequency.

Third, if you are empathic or simply sensitive, take note of this. Finding your calm requires an ongoing self-assessment of mind chatter and feelings. Sometimes thoughts and emotions you experience do not belong to you. Get into the habit of self-inquiry to determine how much of your mood or negative thinking has been influenced by others. Take responsibility only for your own mind and emotions. Your job is not to fix others or be a vessel for the anger of others. Set healthy boundaries.

Fourth, pace yourself. This includes a pacing of processing your input and experiences. Life these days is becoming exponentially quicker and more complex. In the same moment you are doing one thing, you are likely processing some information or an event that came on your radar moments before. Even seemingly minor bits of input can trigger an avalanche of processing deep within you – with or without your awareness. Find your calm by acknowledging the need to pace yourself and by understanding that much more than you can possibly imagine is unfolding outside your immediate awareness. Allow for this. Take moments of time-out here and there to simply be still and shut down focus on your incoming antenna. Invite dreams to help you process life experiences and to prepare you for what’s next. By using these tools, you can find your calm more of the time.

Fifth, access your calm zone by refusing to be combative and deciding moment-by-moment how you will respond to what’s unfolding. Being at war with deadlines or family obligations will trigger a high-alert in your nervous system. Fight or flight responses take you out of your calm. Address each situation directly, authentically, and with kindness. Ask yourself each time: “Is this action I’m about to take in my highest good?” If it’s not your best option, go deeper with your questions to determine optimal alternatives. Sometimes all you need to do is say “yes” or “no” to something, even if that was hard for you to do before. Other times, what’s needed is to just walk away.

Remember, you are a divine changemaker – at the core of your being you indeed are calm and your natural state is joy!

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