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When life seems uncertain, unmanageable, or simply too much to process - reset your focus to the little things. Indeed it's the little things in life that often bring needed moments of joy and meaning. It's the little things, too, that give us context for our success. Continue reading to understand how this applies in your everyday life and helps you evolve spiritually.


We are living in a construction zone on Earth as our world is being remade from the ground up. Navigating these moments is no simple task. On any given day, we likely have both new opportunities and challenges unlike those we had before.

To be sure, as humanity awakens and societal norms shift, we are required to continually adapt. We find that we must be more present, contemplate more, question more - in order to find our way and thrive.

The sheer amount of information we take in during a single day is beyond comprehension. In order to sift through this massive load, we must develop increasing levels of discernment, boundary setting, and an appreciation of nuances. Being able to "stop the world" often—becoming still—is an essential skill.

The Little Things - Transformational Signs

Observing nuances and being able to connect the dots helps us become aware of the little things that transform our experience from ordinary to extraordinary. I call these little things, not because they are little, but since in our conventional society we aren't conditioned to look for them or appreciate them.

3 Personal Examples of The Little Things

  • As I was writing a chapter for my book "The Spiritual Compass"—wondering whether one more paragraph was needed—I became still and asked my guidance, then gazed out the window. I then heard the words "you got it" within my mind. Not immediately knowing what that meant, I looked up the words and discovered they came from a hit song "You Got It You Got It" by Chris Brown. The nuance aka meaning related to my writing, was a confirmation that the chapter was complete as is.
  • Weeks later, as I wrote the last of my book's 11 chapters, an odd little thing happened. FYI odd things can count as nuances. As I saved the document, my house started to shake due to a minor earthquake nearby. Saw on my phone it was a 3.4 earthquake jolt. I then became still and heard from my guidance: "You are done!" Interestingly, in that chapter I had been writing about the seismic shifts we're experiencing in our society now.
  • Next day after completing my book's final chapter, I noticed a large green grasshopper on my window facing the ocean. I sensed that this nuance was worth exploring, so researched the meaning of seeing it at that time. I was able to discern that the grasshopper symbolized success and happiness involving the book, along with a synergy of events that would unfold.

The Little Things & Your Success

Here's another way to look at this theme - the little things. Everything we do and manifest involves steps. There are no instant manifestations. Everything we manifest comes from our energy over time, and from the steps we take in a continuum.

Most of that continuum - since it's so vast and quantum - slips by our awareness. That's because our conditioning is linear, with black-and-white thinking and perception. When we analyze our progress and success, our conditioned mind defaults to a linear timeline.

Examples of Manifestation

  • We may have a project with specific parameters. There likely is a deadline or goal of when things need to be completed. When we analyze our progress or goal, our conditioned mind is focusing on a minuscule part of the manifestation. That's because realizing the goal is the final result of countless steps taken towards completion. Our ego is never satisfied, always feels lacking or behind, relentlessly questions whether we can meet our goal and whether our efforts will be rewarded. This mindset is toxic. It blocks our true creativity to create in boundless ways. We are kept in a state of "wanting" vs being, unable to appreciate the little things that can bring us joy.
  • The same applies to important life goals. Our conditioned mind will ruminate about whether—and if—we will achieve goals. It can terrorize us with worry about the "what ifs" of "failure." Sometimes the larger the goal, the more our ego-self attaches to the outcome. When this happens, we may discount the importance of the little steps, and indeed the joy available at each step, as we strive for goals. Discounting the bigger picture—and not being present enough to find the joy in everyday moments—keeps us on a merry-go-round of dissatisfaction, preventing us from enjoying the little things along the way.

Our overall purpose of existence on Earth is self-evolution and learning from experiences. We build skills and develop qualities over time, often over lifetimes. At our core, we are pure joy. As we evolve, we learn to tap our inner joy in all kinds of situations.

We increasingly understand that it is the little things that often mean the most. It's seeing a rainbow after the rain. It's finding meaning in everyday things by becoming attentive to nuances and transformational signs.

It is the little steps we take, one at a time, that take us where we are meant to go.

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