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Gems of this Mercury Retrograde
--5 Ways You Can Benefit--

by Selacia

There are gems in our current Mercury Retrograde! In this article I address five ways you can benefit. Knowing about these gems and acting on them can make all the difference in what you experience next.

Background on Life Cycles

As a reminder, we have three Mercury Retrogrades a year, this one May 18 to June 11. During those times, due to Mercury’s influence, things like communications, technology, and travel may not go as planned. You could experience delays, misinterpreted emails, snafus connecting with others, and more than your usual share of misunderstandings in relationships.

Despite these challenges, life goes on. On any given day you are influenced by a plethora of energies and situations – some visible and many invisible in the background. Even outside Mercury Retrograde, you are impacted by many other planetary cycles. Likewise, your life is in constant motion – events unfolding because of previously taken actions and opportunities arising to help you fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Why Things are More Intense Now

Mercury Retrogrades are felt much more these days because of advances in technology. Consider how your grandparents used things like typewriters to write letters and manuscripts. Yes, they were slow and inefficient, but there were fewer things that could go wrong. Communications, also, is something humanity must learn to master in new ways due to technology. Many times, people are just not present as they text or send an email – not recommended during a Mercury Retrograde!

You hear a lot about Mercury Retrogrades these days? Why are they more important to know about now?

A key reason is that our ascension process is accelerated and people are processing much more energy transformation in a single day. There are individual factors, too, like knowing where such cycles affect you personally due to your astrological chart. It really can make all the difference to have this heads up – so you can better plan activities and better remedy any snafus.

5 Ways to Tap the Gems of this Mercury Retrograde

The following are five ways to tap the gems of this Mercury Retrograde, making this often confusing cycle work for you instead of against you.

FIRST – Since this cycle is a perfect time to review your priorities and projects, use these moments to contemplate what needs to shift. The energies actually support your inner reflection and dream work on these issues. Be sure to combine what you get intuitively with solid research to know the most practical ways to accomplish your dreams. It’s important in this cycle to be very grounded and in your heart. Remembering that as you review things will help you make great progress.

SECOND – Get out your spirit-infused magnifying glass to look at key relationships. This is a perfect time to review how you relate to other people – whether it’s loved ones, business partners, or people you see regularly. Invite your higher self to help you do an inventory of the relationships that need updating, making a plan to resolve misunderstandings when the time is right. Due to the special challenges of communicating during this cycle, if you can wait to have that “big talk” to clear the air, do so. Use this time instead to refine your approach and the words you will use.

THIRD – Intend right now to be more observant of the nudges from spirit about unfinished business. This could be anything from a project you need to finish, something you need to update, or a home renovation you have long thought about but never took the time to plan the details. Use this time for the renovation planning or finishing touches. Hold off until after June 11 on starting brand-new projects.

FOURTH – In general 2015 energies can bring many sudden happenings – new doors opening without notice, other doors closing in a flash. Mercury Retrogrades are famous for bringing in news you didn’t have before – sometimes in the weeks before the cycle officially begins! Focus on the good, make peace with the bad, and always remember the light that you are.

FIFTH – Investigative research and getting to the bottom of troublesome issues can be easier and more productive over the next several weeks. This means you could get to the bottom of a lifelong challenge. Use this time to look into previously unsolvable dilemmas and for DNA healing of patterns blocking your progress. Set your intention to reconnect more fully with the love and joy naturally residing at your core. As you do this and research your obstacles, the universe will line up the energies and situations helping you to progress.

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