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Tips to Thrive in 2015

by Selacia

Regardless of how uncertain our world has become, you can take key steps now to thrive in 2015. And with our first new moon of the year just around the corner on the 20th, this is a perfect time to focus on your intentions and plans for constructive actions.

Our new moon falls on a high-energy day – with a rare planetary alignment combined with the sun moving into humanitarian and world-changing Aquarius. All new moons are powerful opportunities for shifting energy and intention setting, but this upcoming one carries amplified potentials.

The key to preparing for this energy is inseparable from what is required to thrive in 2015: set in motion now what you want to see unfold over the long term. In other words, have a big-picture view and regularly take conscious heart-centered actions matching that view.

While it may seem obvious and easy to operate from this higher-consciousness perspective, it’s not so simple when you are steeped in conventional world conditioning. Everyone has this linear background, of course, so don’t be hard on yourself if you slip into black-and-white thinking from time to time. The important thing now is to become more skilled and practiced in applying the quantum, big-picture perspective of your higher wisdom. In this article I’ll provide some tips of how to do this – so you can shift out of lack and into your naturally abundant expression.

Where You Were – Where You Are Headed

Most likely, last year you did regular contemplating and intention-setting regarding life goals and things you wanted to shift. For most on the path of awakening, this is simply a standard ongoing practice that helps with clarity and keeps things moving. If you discovered past patterns in your DNA blocking your progress, you may have done healing of those, too – again, very helpful for moving forward.

Last year’s progress and spiritual growth helped you set a foundation for what is to come in 2015. Keep in mind, though, that even big-picture, quantum intentions and plans you made last year must be fluid now. In order to thrive, you must be open to changing your mind about things and open to brand-new options not even on the drawing board in 2014.

You are constantly changing and so is the world around you. Factor in this perpetual motion as you focus and act on goals you set last year. Being up-to-date energetically needs to become part of your ongoing spiritual practice.

Tips to Thrive in 2015

Here are some tips to help you thrive and be all you can be in 2015. Invite your Higher Self to participate with you as you consider these ideas. Allow these tips to stir your own list and to catalyze dreams helping you to clarify your life vision.

FIRST, challenge the status quo of how you think about and deal with money and being valued. Meditate on the idea of your value, not so much in terms of your net worth but in terms of the big-picture benefits of your being in the world. Others benefit from your being here, and of course, you benefit in countless ways you cannot even begin to grasp on this side of the veil! Dare to question your deepest-held beliefs about money, receiving, giving, and living an abundant life on all levels. Ask within to help determine which beliefs you took on from your lineage, from society, and from internalizing what people told you. Be bold – be willing to be conscious about your money and treat it as something of value to manage. You may have learned that it’s best to avoid focusing on money. Question all of these things. Ask for dreams and input from the world to help you clarify false notions, superstitions, and fear-based ideas based on the truths of others.

SECOND, take a thorough look at how you interact with others – on a personal level, on a group level, and through networks or communities. Thriving in 2015 will depend on your being actively and consciously engaged with the world – connecting on a heart level with a diverse set of people. No one creates abundance on their own. It is a co-creation. You must have input from the world, and you must give your own input to receive back. That may sound obvious, but it’s important to mention here. Don’t forget that spirit speaks through everyone and everything, too. Therefore, self-isolation prevents you from receiving input and other help that spirit orchestrates through other people. Example: sometimes even a sentence you hear standing in line at the market can catalyze ideas within you for an invention, best-selling book, or more profitable way to do something.

THIRD, become more familiar with how energy flows and learn about natural energetic cycles impacting you and everyone on Earth. Get to know your own rhythms and pacing. Question these things from time to time, just in case your natural rhythms and pacing are being compromised by lifestyle or other factors. Do what you can regularly to find and maintain balance of your own energies. You will experience more flow of abundance when you are in tune with yourself and hold a balanced, high-frequency energy. Discover the things that lower your frequency, then find remedies and put those into action. A higher frequency equals more vitality and more abundance. Learn the basics of natural energetic cycles like those involving the moon, seasons, and planetary alignments. You don’t need to become an astrologer to do this, but do pay attention to these cycles that can greatly influence the emotions, thinking, and actions of humanity. After all, your abundance depends on divine timing, the receptivity of others, and being aware of subtle energies that can support or undermine collaborations and projects. The most innovative story pitch or business venture proposal – presented at the wrong time to people who are in chaos or otherwise cannot receive it fully – is wasted effort. Honor yourself by using your energy and time wisely – trust that the universe will naturally respond.

When making your new moon intentions list, consider adding these affirmations: (1) I am a divine changemaker, awakening to my larger purpose and attracting just what I need to fulfill it. (2) I indeed have what it takes, not only to sustain my previous progress, but to move forward and thrive in love and joy. (3) I am a naturally abundant being, my light radiating out into the world to create change.

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